The Stethoscope Wants Exec Applicants

Ah, the Stethoscope, UT's magazine for the life sciences. What? You know already? OK, good, then I won't mince words. They're having an election, and they want you! Here it is in their own words: "The Stethoscope is accepting applications for next year's executive positions! Apply by FRIDAY, APRIL 13th to be considered for a position. Information … Continue reading The Stethoscope Wants Exec Applicants

Medical School Interview Seminar Update

Some updated information on the first of the two Medical School Interview Seminars in partnership with Princeton Review, as mentioned previously. This one is presented by The Stethoscope. ~~~ THE STETHOSCOPE PRESENTS: Medical School Interview Seminar, in partnership with The Princeton Review! The Stethoscope is U of T's magazine for the life sciences, and this … Continue reading Medical School Interview Seminar Update