Executive Team 2017-2018


The core executive team is elected at the end of each year, while year reps are elected at the beginning of each year. The Executive Team for the 2017-2018 Year is as listed:



Name: Elisabeth Maria Grande (4th Year)

Studying: Double major in Molecular Genetics/Microbiology and Human Biology, minoring in Italian Studies

About Me: Hi Everyone! My name is Elisabeth and I’m one of the co-presidents for the Human Biology Students’ Union! This is my fourth year on the HBSU executive council and it has always been my goal to improve each year from the last. When I’m not in the library buried in study notes, I spend my free time exploring my passion for music! I play the piano, clarinet, guitar…and I’m slowly learning how to play the violin.


Name: Aimee Li (4th Year)

Studying: Neuroscience Major, Physiology and French Double Minor

About Me: Hi, my name is Aimee and this student union is like family to me. I’ve been a part of the executive team my entire undergrad, working alongside my best friend and fellow Co-President, Elisabeth Grande. If I’m not working or studying, you’ll probably find me at the gym playing volleyball or riding around on my ninja250. Looking forward to finishing off my final year with these amazing people and organizing many awesome events for the Human Biology students and faculty!

Co-Vice Presidents


Name: Peter Lin (3rd Year)

Studying: HMB Health and Disease Specialist

About Me: Hi friends, my name is Peter and my life revolves around sushi and ramen. This is going to be a great year for HBSU and I’m excited for what we have in store for the year. Hopefully, I’ll have the chance to meet you at our events but for now, enjoy this turtle. 🐢


Name: Michael Dewar (4th Year)

Studying: Double major in Physiology and Health and Disease

About Me: Hey! I’m Michael and I’ve been on HBSU since my 2nd year at U of T. I love interacting with the community, so I’m very excited about the HBSU mentorship events and the winter formal! Rock climbing and playing drums are two of my favorite things so hmu if you’re interested in that :D I look forward to another great year working with HBSU!

Co-Academic and Mentorship Directors


Name: Victor Adarquah (3rd Year)

Studying: Double major in Biochemistry and Human Biology

About Me: Hey everyone my name’s Victor and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming year and seeing ways that Mentorship can make a difference in the lives of high school and university students alike. As an aside, I really love playing soccer, reading mystery novels, putting pineapple on my pizza and memes. If I don’t bump into you at an HBSU event, have a great year!


Name: Marlene Rong (2nd Year)

Studying: Neuroscience Major, Psych/Physio Double Minor

About Me: Hey HMB! My name is Marlene Rong and I’m your Co-Academic and Mentorship Director. It’s my second year at UofT and with HBSU, and I’m so excited for all the amazing programs and opportunities we’re running to make 2017-2018 your best year yet! Outside of science, I really love playing the piano, binge drinking Starbucks and taking naps. Can’t wait to see you at our next event and talk to you soon!

Outreach Director


Name: Mahreen Khan (3rd Year)

Studying: Fundamental Genetics & Its Applications Specialist, Cell & Molecular Biology Major

About Me: Hey everyone, my name is Mahreen Khan (although my Starbucks name is ‘Marine’), and I’m the Outreach Director for the HBSU this year! If I’m not in class or studying, I’m probably working with fruit flies or plants in the lab; but I do like to spend my free time watching Netflix, petting dogs and tagging my friends in memes. Also naps. I love naps. I’m very excited about the various events that the HBSU has to offer this year, and hope to see you guys at them!

Social Coordinator


Name: Rachel Brunswick (3rd Year)

Studying: Health and Disease Major, Physiology/Immunology Double Minor

About Me: Hi everyone! My name is Rachel Brunswick, and I am a die-hard Justin Bieber and Toronto Maple Leafs fan. Besides that, I am also the Social Coordinator this year on the HBSU and I am so excited to be apart of this union for the second time. This year as your Social Coordinator, I’m looking forward to planning many events to bring together students from across the Life Science Program and every stream of Human Biology at UofT. I can’t wait to see so many of you at our events this year. Trust me, you won’t want to miss them!



Name: Riya George (4th Year)

Studying: Health and Disease and Physiology Double Major

About Me: Hi everyone! My name is Riya George and I’m majoring in Health & Disease and Physiology. I’m big fan of cake and love board games! Also, I am super excited to help plan the upcoming academic and social events this year. As part of HBSU, I really hope to encourage students to take part in all the opportunities on campus including research, mentorships and fun socials :)

1st Year Reps


Name: Heba Qazilbash (1st Year)

(Intended) Studying: Double Major in Psychology and Human Biology

About Me: Hello everyone! My name is Heba and I’m interested in studying Health and Disease as well as Psychology next year. I love reading, travelling and videography! I’m looking forward to being on the Human Biology team this year. I’m excited to plan events and further the relationship that HBSU has with students in the department.


Name: Kelsie Cyr (1st Year)

(Intended) Studying: Double Major in Human Biology and Immunology

About Me: Hello beautiful creatures! My name is Kelsie Cyr and my life pretty much revolves around eating, Bruno Mars (die hard fan since the age of 11), and human biology. I’m so happy to be a part of HBSU where I’ll be able to help and attend a variety of academic and social events with amazing people who share the same passions as me!


Name: Kristen Ericka San Diego (1st Year)

(Intended) Studying: Major in Molecular Genetics

About Me: Hey everyone, my name is Kristen Ericka San Diego and I’m hoping to major in Molecular Genetics. I love being active and on my feet but ironically you’ll only find me either sleeping or eating. I also love to sing, play the piano, and I’m a huge fan of the Blue Jays. I’m looking forward to an exciting first year working with the Human Biology community!

2nd Year Reps


Name: Rushay Naik (2nd Year)

Studying: Global Health and Peace, Conflict & Justice at the Munk School of Global Affairs

About Me: Hey there Bioneers, my name is Rushay Naik and I’m excited to be your 2nd Year Rep! As a student in both the life and social sciences here at UofT, I’m looking forward to using my time on HBSU to foster partnerships and opportunities with other faculties and student groups to enrich your experience in Human Biology. I’m passionate about international law, health policy, travelling, cheese, and so much more – so whether you have questions about cheese (or your POSt), feel free to get in touch!


Name: Delphine Ji (2nd Year)

Studying: Neuroscience Major and Psychology Specialist

About Me: Hi Friends! I’m Delphine and I am incredibly excited to be your second year representative. I am currently studying neuroscience and psychology and I hope to help as many people as I can through the means of science! In my free time, I like to run and take photos. I hope to do my best in helping out all students in Human Biology with the HBSU!

Upper Year Reps


Name: Lisa Bui (4th Year)

Studying: Major in Health and Disease, Animal Physiology/Physiology Double Minor

About Me: Hi! My name’s Lisa and I’m a 4th year student majoring in Health and Disease. I like to try new things and dabble in numerous hobbies, such as crocheting, playing badminton, and playing the piano. My ultimate goal is to become an expert networker and make lots of money (haha). This year, I look forward to helping organize the many events planned by the HBSU and getting to meet everyone!


Name: Nkemakolam Ogbonna (3rd Year)

Studying: Health and Disease Major, Physiology/Chemistry Double Minor

About Me: Hey everyone! My name is Nkemakolam (Nkem, for short) and I’m in my 3rd year as a Health and Disease Major (minoring in Chemistry and Physiology). I’m pumped to be your upper year representative this year! This year, I’m excited to learn more about the infinite post-graduate opportunities that Human Biology students have by attending HBSU’s International Medical School Symposium. My goals are to go to medical school and enter the field of anaesthesia afterwards. My hobbies include karate and sudoku; my favourite tea is Jasmine tea! Excited for the year ahead, I hope to meet you all at our upcoming events.

10 thoughts on “Executive Team 2017-2018

  1. Hi,

    I am interested in being involved with the Human Biology Student Union. I would love to help out whenever volunteers are needed. However, I was wondering if it is at all possible for me to be involved in the organization process as well.

    Thanks for your help.


    1. Hi Chesa,

      There are definitely ways for you to get involved! Please email the HBSU account with your contact information and we will email you in the near future.

      Thank you for your interest.



  2. Hi :)
    If I’m an incoming first year student am I eligible to join the HBSU if I aspire to enroll in one of the Human Biology POSTs at the end of my first year?

    P.S. Can you please add me to the HBSU-listserv ?

    1. Yes, you are. Actually, we’re not stingy about providing our services only to Human Bio students. So even if you didn’t, you can still come to our events, etc. In fact, we encourage you to! And bring your friends!

  3. Hi,

    My name is Ruhi Kiflen and I am a second year Human Biology student wondering how I could get involved with this student union and whether there are any opportunities.

    Please let me know the process.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Ruhi,

      Thank you for expressing interest in becoming involved with our team! Our next elections will be in April so look out for that – details will be posted here on the website and on our facebook group (which is much more active).

      For now, please come out to our events and meet the fellow exec so we can know you better!

      Best wishes,

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