The core executive team is elected at the end of each year, while the year reps are elected at the beginning of each year. The executive team for the 2016-2017 year are as follows.



20161011-IMG_9304.jpgTheresa Hoang

Year of Study: 4

Program: Global Health and Criminology

About Yourself:

Hi, my name is Theresa Hoang and I love long walks on the beach. I am one of the Co-Presidents of the Human Biology Students’ Union, along with one of my best friends Kimberly Villacorta. I am looking forward to this year with our amazing executives, as well as the many social and academic events we have planned. This year, I want to build on the connection HBSU has with other student groups and our relationship with the HMB department.



Kimberly Villacorta

Year of Study: 4

Program: Global Health Major. Double minoring in Immunology and Physiology.

About Yourself:

I like elephants and chocolate. (:

Vice Presidents:

20161007-IMG_9193.jpgElisabeth Maria Grande

Year of Study: 3


Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Major, Human Biology Major, Italian Minor

20161007-IMG_9229.jpgAimee Li

Year of Study: 3

Program: Major in Neuroscience, Double Minor in Physiology and French

Academic and Mentorship Directors:

20161012-IMG_9322-2.jpgPeter Lin

Year of Study: 2

Program: Health and Disease Specialist

20161007-IMG_9206.jpgAbbie Liu

Year of Study: 2

Program: Double Major: Physiology and Human biology. Minor in German

About Yourself:

Hola! I’m Abbie and and I am the Academic&Mentorship director for HBSU. Fun fact: I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan. I look forward to another year with this awesome HBSU team!

Social and Events Coordinator:


Tessa Tieman

Year of Study: 4

Program: Double Major in Health & Disease and Bioethics

Outreach Director:


Mohamad Hamieh

Year of Study: 4

Program: Human Biology Major, Evolutionary Biology Major, Geography Minor

About Yourself:

I like to explore cool places and am always down for a pick-up game. Looking forward to the year ahead with HBSU!



Michael Dewar

Year of Study: 3

Program: Physiology major, Health and Disease major

About Yourself:

I’ve been playing drums for 10 years, I love to rock climb, and I have the most hyper dog in the world!

Webmaster and Graphics Designer:


Hamza Ullah

Year of Study: 4

Program: Global Health Major, Immunology and Physiology Minors

About Yourself:

Hi, my name is Hamza. If you ever hear someone yelling out “Whoz manz is this” around campus it’s probably me.

Upper Year Representatives:


Janna Mier

Year of Study: 4

Program: Major in Health & Disease, Double Minor in Physiology and Biology

About Yourself:

Hi my name is Janna and I’m from Australia! In my spare time I like to eat burritos and bake things


Michael Wu

Year of Study: 4

Program: Health and Disease major and Physiology major

About Yourself:

I’m an upper year rep of HBSU. I am happy to help out any life science students with inquiries regarding majors and courses! Looking forward to meet you all in our events!

Second Year Representatives:


Victor Adarquah

Year of Study: 2

Program: Biochemistry & Fundamental Genetics Major; Bioethics minor

About Yourself:

My name is Victor Adarquah and w hen I came to U of T, I wanted to take that extra step and become involved and interact with as many people as possible as a way to step outside my comfort zone. Ultimately, I would like to use my interest in Human biology to the undergraduate experience for those who share that interest all the more satisfying.


Rachel Brunswick

Year of Study: 2

Program: Health and Disease Major ; Physiology and Immunology Minor

First Year Representatives:


Shahrdad Aliakbari

Year of Study: 1

Program (Intended): Double major in neuroscience and immunology

About Yourself:

I’m the person that is

Never gonna give you up

Never gonna let you down

Never gonna run around and dessert you


Marlene Rong

Year of Study: 1

Program (Intended): Neuroscience and Psychology Majors

About Yourself:

Hi everyone, my name is Marlene Rong and I’m hoping to study Neuroscience and Psychology in the future. I have a passion for engagement and the sciences, and in my free time I enjoy playing the piano. I’m looking forward to this upcoming year and working with the Human Biology community!


Arvin Tavakkoli

Year of Study: 1

Program (Intended): Life Sciences

10 thoughts on “Executive Team 2016/2017

  1. Chesarahmia Dojo Soeandy says:


    I am interested in being involved with the Human Biology Student Union. I would love to help out whenever volunteers are needed. However, I was wondering if it is at all possible for me to be involved in the organization process as well.

    Thanks for your help.


    1. Marlena says:

      Hi Chesa,

      There are definitely ways for you to get involved! Please email the HBSU account with your contact information and we will email you in the near future.

      Thank you for your interest.



  2. Cecilia Amoakohene says:

    Hi :)
    If I’m an incoming first year student am I eligible to join the HBSU if I aspire to enroll in one of the Human Biology POSTs at the end of my first year?

    P.S. Can you please add me to the HBSU-listserv ?

    1. persona says:

      Yes, you are. Actually, we’re not stingy about providing our services only to Human Bio students. So even if you didn’t, you can still come to our events, etc. In fact, we encourage you to! And bring your friends!

  3. Ruhi Kiflen says:


    My name is Ruhi Kiflen and I am a second year Human Biology student wondering how I could get involved with this student union and whether there are any opportunities.

    Please let me know the process.

    Thank you,

    1. hbsu says:

      Hi Ruhi,

      Thank you for expressing interest in becoming involved with our team! Our next elections will be in April so look out for that – details will be posted here on the website and on our facebook group (which is much more active).

      For now, please come out to our events and meet the fellow exec so we can know you better!

      Best wishes,

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