Contact Us

Organizational Email:

Physical Mailbox:

Ask for our mailbox at the ASSU office.
100 St. George Street. Sidney Smith Hall, Room 1068

Or email any of our execs listed in the exec team page!

11 comments on “Contact Us

  1. I would like to subscribe to emails.

  2. Hi,

    Just wondering if you guys have a past test library?

    Thanks alot for reading!

  3. Hi, I would like to be added to the HBSU-listserv as well please!! Thankyou!

  4. Hi, I’m just a bit confused as to membership to the HBSU. Are we members just because our PoST is in the Human Biology Department? And if not, how do we sign up? Mainly I’m asking because it said at the Medical School Symposium that HBSU members get $200 off their MCAT course at Princeton Review and I want to know if I’m eligible.

  5. i would also like to know about the membership to the union.

  6. Hey,
    Does HBSU have the past test/exam papers from previous years for HMB Courses? Looking for HMB302.

    • hey there! we personally do not carry any past term tests at our office. you could try the HMB department at new college or the ASSU office at sid smith. but if I remember correctly, the HMB department doesn’t allow circulation of past tests.

  7. Hey! I was wondering if I could subscribe to emails??

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