HBSU Year Rep Election Results

We would like to congratulate these students for being the newly elected year representative! 👏🏼 1st Year (3): Arvin Tavakkoli Marlene Rong Shahrdad Aliakbari 2nd Year (2): Rachel Brunswick Victor Adarquah Upper Year (2): Janna Maier Michael Wu Thank you to everyone that ran! It was a tough decision because all the candidates had great … Continue reading HBSU Year Rep Election Results

Congrats to the 2014-2015 HBSU exec team!

Hi everyone!  First off we'd like to congratulate all of our candidates this year. The competition was very stiff this year and we really appreciate students coming out and participating in our elections. With the sheer number of candidates alone it speaks volumes to how reputable HBSU has become and we thank you all for … Continue reading Congrats to the 2014-2015 HBSU exec team!

Student Group Contest Extension!

The student group contest has been extended! The new deadline is February 28th. The student group that enrols the most members in a course before February 28th will win the $500 prize! Any enrolments that came in through the Facebook page in the month of January will be counted towards the group’s total. Students can enrol in a course at http://apps.facebook.com/TPRenrollnowContinue reading Student Group Contest Extension!

Upcoming Events

We have a couple of additional events that are only taking place in select cities/U of T: On Monday, January 21st we’re running a Medical School Interview Seminar with The Stethoscope. It’s free and open to all students! There will be a panel of current med students who will talk about their experiences with med … Continue reading Upcoming Events


The application for First Year Rep is now CLOSED! Thank you to everyone who sent in their application for the second round of first year representative selection!  We will be contacting all the applicants about further details as soon as possible. We hope to see everyone at our future HBSU events!