It’s time for our annual fall elections! The Human Biology Students’ Union will be recruiting year representatives, as well as a WEBMASTER for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Responsibilities of year-representatives involve helping out with events, attending meetings and promoting events.

Responsibilities of the Webmaster include designing posters/banners/promotional material for HBSU events, maintaining the HBSU website, and maintaining the HBSU social media accounts.

Candidates must be a full-time student pursuing (or intending to pursue) studies within the Human Biology Department. In order to apply, please fill out the following nomination form, and send it to hbsu.utoronto@gmail.com by 9PMĀ on Wednesday, the 27th of September:https://docs.google.com/document/d/15x3WMeJJ-giAyPu_DncaI5F_wl8lhMqWM5V96OMbKIM/edit

Elections will take place on Friday, September 29th from 4-6pm, in the Medical Sciences Building, Room 2170. You are required to give a brief speech about yourself, your interest in the union, and reasons as to why your skills/experience would be transferable to the HBSU (max. 2 minutes).

Voting will be made by the senior executive team, but feel free to bring friends/support! There will be a social after the elections at Fox & Fiddle (280 Bloor Street West) at 6:30pm.
Please come out and run for the available positions! It’s a great way to get involved and our team would love to have you!

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