Extended Winter Formal Ticket Sales!

Hope your winter breaks were awesome! As we move into a new semester, we’d like to let you know that we are extending ticket sales for the Masquerade Winder Formal!

  • Tickets will be sold in Gerstein Library from Wednesday January 13 until Tuesday January 19, 1pm to 4pm. Come get ’em while you still can!
  • They will also continue to be sold in our office in Room 500-M, in the basement of Wilson Hall.
  • Additionally, you can arrange a meeting with any of our execs to buy tickets!

Tickets will still be priced at $50, for a three-course meal, dancing, a swag-tastic mask and two drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic offered).

Visit our event page for more information! If you have any questions at all, you can shoot your messages to HBSU.utoronto@gmail.com

Come out to a great night! I promise it’ll be pretty lit. Would this face lie?

  • Your friendly neighbourhood Webmaster




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