HBSU Presents: The Annual Winter Formal!

Hey all! As exams approach, so does winter break, one of the most magical times of the year. After the winter break, there is still a way to revisit the magic of the holidays!

HBSU is proud to present Masquerade Winter Formal!


On January 22, 2016, come join us in a magical night of dancing, food and fancy identity hiding! The formal will take place in the Great Hall of Hart House, the perfect place to eat and dance with your friends, significant other or breaking it down solo! Doors will open at 6pm!

If you don’t have a mask, fear not, as there will be the opportunity to fashion your own mask! Don’t worry about anyone figuring out your secret identity!

Tickets will go for $50, which includes a gourmet 3 course meal, 2 drink tickets and as much dancing as your ATP can fuel.

From Wednesday December 2 – Thursday December 10, 11am-4pm, tickets will be sold at our office in Wilson Hall, 500-M! If you can’t make it during these times and you want to buy tickets or if you have any other questions, feel free to message us at


or check out our Facebook Event Page for the latest updates!

Look your best and put on your game face for Masquerade Winter Formal!

  • Your Friendly Neighbourhood Webmaster



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