Congrats to the 2014-2015 HBSU exec team!


Hi everyone!  First off we’d like to congratulate all of our candidates this year. The competition was very stiff this year and we really appreciate students coming out and participating in our elections. With the sheer number of candidates alone it speaks volumes to how reputable HBSU has become and we thank you all for your support and time. For those students who are still around in the following school year and did not make our elections, please do not be discouraged we will have year representative elections in September so check our FB group/website then!

Without further ado, please welcome your newly appointed HBSU 2014-2015 Executive Team:

Krystal Menezes and Anne Fard

Co-Vice Presidents:
Matthew Johnson and Matthew Hyginus

Academic and Mentorship Directors:
Simon Spichak and Alan Nguyen

Theresa Hoang

Social and Event Coordinator:
Anna Yamashita

Outreach Director:
Christina Contanas

Web Administrator and Graphics Designer:
Gnanushan Krishna

Congratulations to all! Best of luck on your finals everyone.

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