FOUR: Focus On Undergraduate Research


On April 4th, 2014 the Human Biology Students’ Union (HBSU) in conjunction with the Faculty of Medicine and the Human Biology Program at the University of Toronto will be holding our first annual undergraduate life science research fair known as ‘FOUR – Focus on Undergraduate Research’. If you are currently pursuing research projects either formally as a course or informally through volunteering, we want to provide you with an outlet to proudly display your hard work via poster format!!

For the first 55 completed COLOUR posters sent to us by March 22nd we will print them for FREE. Any posters submitted after this deadline or past our 55 poster mark will be subject to an extra $20 fee (still a 66% discount off poster printing!). If you are currently taking a thesis course or plan to enter future research fairs, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of since we will be covering the cost of poster printing and will be providing you with the opportunity to polish up your presentation skills.

As well for participating and presenting your poster the day of you will also receive a Certificate of Participation signed by both Dr. Avrum Gotleib, Vice-Dean for the Faculty of Medicine, and a faculty member of the Human Biology Department
For those students interested in creating a poster but do not know how we will be providing a half-hour poster making tutorial given by Dr. Adelaide Yiu on Wednesday, March 12th at 5pm in MSB 2173 (past the Tim Hortons in the right hallway of the main floor of the Medical Sciences Building). We ask that you email us at to reserve a seat.

If you cannot make the free poster printing deadline of March 22nd due to problems related to your research project (e.g. waiting for data to be collected etc.) please email us ASAP. As well if the faculty for which you are doing your thesis appointment is being held requires your poster ahead of our event date (April 4th) please email us as well.

Again any further questions or comments should be directed towards our email:

We wish everyone the best of luck for the remainder of the school year and hope to see everyone at our event whether it be to present or spectate!


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