first ever HMB sponsored distinguished lecture by Dr. Sydney Brenner


Human Biology Program Distinguished Lecturer:
“Reading the Human Genome”
Dr. Sydney Brenner, D. Phil, FRS
2002 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
Senior Distinguished Fellow of the Crick-Jacobs Center, Salk Institute

Event date:        Tuesday, January 15th, 10 AM
Location:           MacLeod Auditorium, Medical Sciences Building, University of Toronto

Host: Dr. Vince Tropepe, Director Human Biology Program, Associate Professor Cell and Systems Biology, University of Toronto

The Human Biology Program at the University of Toronto, in collaboration with the Gairdner Foundation is pleased to announce a special guest lecture given by an exceptional researcher, Dr. Sydney Brenner, a two-time recipient of the Canada Gairdner International Award and the 2002 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine. Dr. Brenner has been widely recognized as one of the key contributors to our understanding of modern molecular biology, programmed cell death (apoptosis), and the role of genes in organ development. He has been instrumental not only in shaping our understanding of modern molecular genetics and cell biology but his research using C. elegans has been fundamental to its adoption as a model organism worldwide.

Due to his expertise and scientific insights Dr. Brenner’s public speaking schedule is in extremely high demand, but he has graciously accepted our invitation to speak to our undergraduate students and research trainees. We would also like to extend an open invitation to all interested students, faculty and staff at the University of Toronto to take advantage of this opportunity and attend Dr. Brenner’s very special guest lecture.

Dr.Brenner’s full autobiography is available at:

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