HMB Student Orientation Session/Faculty Meet and Greet

This is an event for YOU – our fellow HMB students!

The Human Biology Department is hosting a Student Orientation Session for all current and future HMB students.  This is an amazing opportunity for you to learn more about the HMB subject posts, to meet the HMB faculty including our new department director, Dr. Tropepe, and to get involved in all the opportunities offered by the program!

The event will happen on:

date: Wednesday October 3rd
place: William Doo Auditorium (south side of Wilcocks and Spadina)
time: 12:10 – 2 pm

LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED! (hooray!) We will be having pizza
courtesy of the HMB department and HBSU.

Students who are unsure of their subject posts, want to learn more about programs and courses or possible future opportunities in this field of study are HIGHLY encouraged to come out to have all their questions answered!  We have many experienced and knowledgeable staff and students (us) who can cater to any of your questions.  This is definitely an event you do NOT want to miss out on!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to email either the HMB department or your fellow student union, HBSU.


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