Welcome Back!

Welcome back to all our returning students and a big hello to all the frosh!  School is right around the corner and HBSU is busy behind the scenes; planning and organizing our upcoming events.

Our first event is our annual year rep elections which will be held sometime in late September, so please look out for the date!  If you don’t plan on running, please come out and vote instead.

Clubs Day was a HUGE success!  We had many froshies sign up for our mentorship program, which is amazing!  If you are an upper year student and would like to lend a helping hand to the newcomers by becoming a mentor, please email us at hbsu.sa@utoronto.ca to let us know!

If you missed us at Clubs Day, no worries.  You can find us at our office in the basement of Wetmore Hall (WE), New College in Room 500P.  Feel free to drop by anytime with questions (we will have answers!), comments or concerns.  Or email us and we can put you on our list-serv or in our mentorship program.

Cheers to a new school year!  See you all in school :D

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