This Year’s MCAT Registrations Start Early

The Princeton Review would like to bring us Canadian MCAT takers an important message:

The AAMC has announced that registration for MCAT test dates in June, July, August and September will open on Wednesday, February 15th. That’s next week!

The AAMC does a great job of accommodating Canadian MCAT test takers. However, it is a very challenging situation: about half of the MCAT test administrations each year happen in July, August and September but well over 80% of all Canadian test takers want those dates! Be sure to help yourself by registering early!

Available dates :

Set up your required AAMC account beforehand:

Test Location List:

If you have any questions about the MCAT or MCAT registration, please feel free to call The Princeton Review in Canada at 1-800-2-REVIEW, Extension 1210 or email them at You can also follow them on Twitter @TPRCanada for all the latest MCAT news.

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