Princeton Review Course Offer

Update: HBSU is actually in the running for the  most students enrolled. We’ve received word that we actually are only two students away from the top spot. TPR is really smart and has offered $500 in sponsorship to the top organization. Now, we’re a non-profit organization, so funding for us means services for our members ;-).

The Princeton Review has a new way to sign up for their courses – via Google Docs.

Follow the above link and fill out all the necessary information, and they’ll contact you to inform you of how to actually pay.

All HBSU members received $200 off, and an additional $100 off if you guys enroll one month before your Princeton Review course’s start date.

6 thoughts on “Princeton Review Course Offer

  1. is it possible for you guys to hold an informational session about all the MCAT preparation books , classes , etc and discuss their merits, weaknesses and presentation type in detail ?

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