MSSU’s First Year Research Seminar Needs Volunteers

The Medical Sciences Student Union is putting on a gigantic collaborative event with 6 other student unions (Biochem, LMP, Neurosci, Pharm & Tox, Nutritional Sciences, and Human Bio)! It’s a seminar aimed to inform first year students about research opportunities on campus. Obviously, first years need to know about this in order for this to work, so HBSU is helping advertise.

But that’s not all! Everyone knows first years are lazy, so MSSU is planning to take the battle info directly to their classes. We’re going to need volunteers to help invade go to popular first year classes and hand out fliers and/or make pre-class announcements.

Obviously, this is most convenient if you’re a first year student and have one of these classes, but even if you’re not, all 7 student unions will greatly appreciate your contribution!

Here are the timeslots available, you only need to do ONE if you choose to volunteer.

BIO120: MW – 10AM – CH
BIO120: W – 6PM – ES 1050
CHM138: MTR – 9AM – ES 1050
CHM138: TRF – 12PM – MS 2158
CHM138: T – 7PM – LM 159
CHM139: MWF – 12PM – ES 1050
CHM139: TRF – 9AM – MC 102
CHM151: MWF – 12PM – LM159
MAT135: TRF – 10AM – MP 103
MAT135: W – 3PM or F – 2PM – MP103
PHY131: MW – 11AM – CH
PHY132: MW – 11AM – MP 137

Please contact if you’re able to take one of the classes!

Details of the actual event are as follows:

What is the event?
This is a research seminar oriented to first year students to expose them to the opportunities available to them at the university. There will be a presentation from the ROP Office regarding opportunities in 299 courses, and presentations from various professors and graduate students regarding research projects and summer opportunities for students! We hope that after the seminar, you will understand how the application process works when applying for research positions and gain to obtain an understanding of what each department’s field of research is.

Time and Place
Tuesday, November 15th, 2011
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
MSB 4279

Note: Food and drinks will be provided at the event!

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