5th Annual International Medical School Symposium

UPDATE: Time changed from 4 -7 to 5 – 8:30

UPDATE: USA medical school speaker secured! See below.

HBSU welcomes you to our 5th Annual International Medical School Symposium! With speakers and representatives from all around the world, including schools from the Caribbean and Australia, this event will give you a thorough view on the myths and truths about International Medical Schools!

Thursday, November 17
5:00 pm – 8:30 pm
William Doo Auditorium
45 Willcocks Street
(AKA “NR” – New College Residence)

Our speakers include:

  • St. George University with special guest Dr. Matthew Myatt MD/MPH (a past UofT and SGU graduate, and now practicing Canadian physician who will enlighten us on his past experiences)
  • Ross University
  • Oztrekk (encompassing all Australian medical schools)
  • Health Force Ontario
  • The Princeton Review
  • American Med School speaker: Andrew Wang, a current University of Toronto Medical Student and MedApplications consultant who applied to dozens of American Medical Schools and Interviewed with success at many, will be addressing the AMCAS process.

To top off the evening, there will be FREE PIZZA available for any students who attend.

There will also be a RAFFLE PRIZE for a “Comprehensive Medical Career Consultation” (500 dollar value), courtesy of MedApplications. The consultation includes a review of a candidate’s resume, gpa, mcat, current or previous applications, and advice on school selection, extra-curriculars, research, etc. as well as a structuring of your CV/resume and cover letters.

This event will be a great opportunity for students who wish to learn more and ask questions about going to medical school abroad, if you have any questions about the event feel free to email hbsu.sa@utoronto.ca

Hope to see you all there!

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