Mentorship Program Recruitment

One of the big projects of HBSU this year is to revitalize the Mentorship Program. We want to connect the experienced upper years with the innocent lower years. And hopefully save some frustration for the latter and give some satisfaction to the former.

Got academic woes? Don’t know where you’re going in life? Would you like some handy tips about life at U of T? If so, you sound like a mentee.

Are you brimming with little tricks to make surviving U of T easier? Have you struggled with and overcome worries about what to do after you graduate? Do you want to prevent lower year students from making the same mistakes you did? If so, you sound like a mentor!

HBSU would like to connect the two together. To do that, we need you to 1) sign up, 2) tell anyone who you think is interested, and 3) forgive us for the ads you’ll no-doubt see.

Thanks, everyone!


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