Annual Year Rep Elections

Since it’s a new year, there are at least 7 positions open for application in the HBSU.

The positions open are:
4th year rep (1)
3rd year rep (1)
2nd year rep (2)
1st year rep (3)

Remember, we officially represent all students within Human Biology, and unofficially the entire Life Science stream. We will accomplish great things this year!

Annual HBSU Year Representative Elections
Thursday September 22nd
3 pm – 4 pm
Medical Science Building (MS)
Room 2173

Application forms must be handed in by 5:00 pm on Wednesday the 21st to the mailbox in the ASSU office in Sidney Smith. (Yup, we have a mailbox there.)

Because democracy has no meaning without the people, not only do we need candidates to apply, we also need YOU to vote! How sad would it be if the year reps chosen to represent you were not actually chosen by you? I’ll tell you how sad – very sad =(. So get out there and vote!

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