14th Annual Ontario Medical School Symposium

Preparations for the 14th Annual Ontario Medical School Symposium is well underway. This year’s symposium’s details are as follows:

14th Annual Ontario Medical School Symposium
Thursday, March 10
5:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Medical Sciences Building, Room 2172

Representatives from major medical schools in Ontario will be presenting, plus panels of current medical students to give you inside information. Learn about the application process, each school’s strengths and weaknesses, interview tips, and more!

The OMMS is the Human Biology Student Union’s biggest event of the year. This year, however, we’re stirring up the pot a bit. To provide more of what you can’t get from each of the schools’ websites, we will also be having current medical students, in addition to official representatives from the medical schools, form a panel for Q&A. Now you can get answers directly from those who made it. Sweet.

Also, The Princeton Review will be raffling off many prizes, including a free MCAT course – almost a $2000 value! And did I mention free pizza? Now I gotta come!

Get your friends to come, too.

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