International Medical School Symposium

You may have heard that there are (gasp!) doctors being trained outside of Canada. That’s right, representatives from foreign countries are traveling to Toronto for you. The biggest annual event from HBSU is ready to get you informed about international medical education. It’s the…

International Medical School Symposium

Wednesday, November 17th
6:30 – 9:00 pm
McLeod Auditorium, Medical Science Building

The McLeod Auditorium, a.k.a. MS 2158, is a popular auditorium for Life Science lectures. If you haven’t been there before, it may be a bit hard to find because not only is it on a ground floor despite a 2xxx numbering, its external entrance is not the same as the rest of MS either.

Pictured here is the northwest face of MS. You can see the signature steps. The entrance to the McLeod Auditorium is just beyond the corner that the arrow points to. Don’t you just love Google’s spies street view workers?

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