Grad School Fair Debrief

Thanks goes out to everyone who came to the Grad School Fair, and everyone who didn’t know they were going to come until they walked by. And of course, thanks to the graduate school representatives for giving valuble information to students!

Our next major event coming up is the Annual International Medical School Symposium. Along with the Ontario Medical School Symposium, this event is HBSU’s biggest every year. Unlike the Graduate School Fair, it will be held in an auditorium, with presentations from various International medical schools.

The IMMS has been scheduled in about a month‘s time. More details will be posted as it becomes available.

Finally, a reminder to join our listserv! For some reason, the higher ups aren’t allowing HBSU to send emails to every student in Human Bio, even though they are exactly who we are and who we represent. So we can only send emails about events through our listserv. If you have a friend in HMB, please tell them to sign up for HBSU’s listserv!

You can join the listserv as long as an exec gets your email somehow. Send an email to us, comment on the website with an email you prefer, subscribe to the website with the button on the right, etc.

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