Annual Graduate School Fair

In addition to the International and Ontario Medical School Symposiums, the HBSU also holds other annual events. One of which is the Graduate School Fair. If you’re interested in scientific research, becoming a professor, or simply getting a more advanced degree to better find jobs, graduate school is a good choice.

Wednesday October 27th
12 pm -3 pm
Medical Science Building
Stone Lobby (main floor)

The graduate school fair is one of the bigger events of the year. A great proportion of the life science departments will be present, as well as some cool ones that you’ve probably never even imagined!

So come out! And tell your friends, too. =) Also keep an eye out for the posters HBSU execs will be putting out on campus!

4 thoughts on “Annual Graduate School Fair

    1. Unfortunately, the HBSU only holds one per year. I’m not sure if other organizations hold such events, though… so maybe you’ll have to do your own research D=

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